8 Reasons Why A Wedding App Is A Must Have For Your Wedding!

We Indians love to make our celebrations grand. We believe in sharing our happiness with all our friends and relatives and the scale is often larger-than-life. Every wedding involves a large number of guests and you can’t afford to miss anyone out. But gone are the days when extended families lived in the same lane or colony. Most of your relatives, maybe even your real siblings, are now far away from you and if you want all of them to participate in your upcoming nuptials, planning it is going to be a logistical nightmare. You’ll have to make endless calls, drop texts and emails, ask your mom to reach out if someone important isn’t joining (the quintessential grumpy spoilsport, a staple of every wedding!); all in a desperate attempt to make it work. You’ll probably end up pulling all your hair out in frustration. Sounds scary? Getting second thoughts about the grand wedding celebration already? Worry not, for here comes technology to your rescue! Wedding apps like WedCraze are the perfect solution for clearing the hassles and making it easy to get everyone together and celebrate your big event without losing your sanity.

Must-Gift & Must-not Gift — A guide to buying the perfect wedding gift!

Remember the carefree days of childhood when going to a wedding meant unlimited fun and zero planning? That’s because planning was the department of the grown-ups, and if you are reading this right now then it’s safe to assume you’ve reached that stage in life when receiving a wedding invitation immediately springs to mind two alarming questions: what will I wear, and what gift should we give? Now, what you should wear is a matter of personal opinion (and greater writing experience: expect some tips in future!) but if you’re fretting about the perfect wedding gift then fret no more, for Wedcraze is here to rescue you.

Dating Your Best Friend

According to Greek mythology, humans were created with four arms, for legs and two faces - they were extremely powerful beings. Zeus, then fearing their power split this creature in two condemning them to spend the rest if their lives in search of their other half. Whether or not this is true, one thing we can all agree on is that falling in love is hard. Especially with the pressure people put on finding "The One". With the way media portrays the knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress - we've set unreasonable standards in our heads and refuse to lower them for anyone. Our understanding of love and relationships have been warped entirely to the extent that love/ the ideal partner could hit us right in the face, but we wouldn't take notice because we've friend zoned the poor guy/ girl. To be more specific - best friend zoned him/her.

Blind dates vs. Blind Marriages

While the rest of the world swipes left or right on various Tinder profiles for an impromptu hook-up or date, a lot of us Indians have set up profiles on Jeevansathi or Shaadi.com to find prospective grooms or brides online. In western cultures, we see people enjoying their privacy, free to date and test out the waters without their parents ‘meddling’ in their love life.

10 Things To Do Before Your Wedding

Your wedding is an event you will remember for the rest of your life. The only occasion where vanity is completely acceptable and therefore you will be subjected to hours of teeth showing and standing next to relatives you can't remember where to place in the family tree.

How To Throw The Best Bachelorette Party

Once your bestie ties the knot, she's not your own anymore - as hard as it is to accept it. You're going to have to share her, the bachelorette party is one last grand celebrations to have with just the girls before the bride embarks on a new journey (of course you will never be replaced in her life - but use this as an opportunity to ensure she knows just how important you are). Follow these tips to throw the best bachelorette party, one she will never forget.